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Alternative Holistic Therapy

As a Wellness coaches, Thai Yoga Practitioners, and Tantra Practitioners we are inspired to help others through practicing Wellness as a bridge towards self-love, body positivity, and radical acceptance, in which we can embrace ourselves fully and love every part of us. From this place of self-love, we are better equipped to see the world we live in through the eyes of gratitude with awe. we have found this practice to be a practical expression of loving-kindness and compassion that enhances our sense of well-being.

Experience the art of touch and energy in motion. Our practice is the most liberating synthesis of assisted yoga poses and innovative bodywork to turn up the volume of sensations in body & mind. It is about letting go, deepening your experiences and allowing the flow of energy. This practice of Ancient wisdom for balance in modern life, is designed to rejuvenate, restore, and relax.

We all have some type of pain, either physical, emotional, or spiritual. The source of that pain can be as a result of physical or emotional trauma from an injury, disease, or life event. Our goal is to partner with you to meet the physical challenges and needs you may be facing.

Our primary therapeutic focus is healing touch The core practice is SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy. An alternative wellness system of Integrated Traditional Therapies creating a multi-sensory healing experience incorporating modalities such as Yoga Massage Therapy, Tantra Yoga, Lomi, and Yoga.

OUR COMMITMENT is to bring you the very best of our own experience, passion and incredible expert knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


Our wellness centre is located near downtown St. Petersburg:

16th Street North, St. Petersburg

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